It is the process of taking an idea and developing it into something special that drives our approach. We listen to your needs to deliver unique, beautiful buildings.

Nidus Architects was established in 2012 by James Lingard. By working closely with clients we create simple, intelligent, functional buildings that are loved by the people who use them whilst being economical to run and easy to maintain.

We believe in attention to detail and that the way a building works is as important as how it looks. We have expertise in utilising sustainable and affordable materials that allow us to work within your budget without compromising the quality and feel of the end building.

We aim to tackle problems from first principles and prefer to find the simple, logical answer rather than employ complicated technical solutions. This philosophy extends to issues of sustainability where we believe in working with the environment using passive techniques such as thermal mass, natural ventilation and building orientation.

We are a fresh and energetic practice who are passionate about architecture and design regardless of the size or scale of the project. From working with you on initial design ideas and negotiating the planning process, through to completion of the building on site, we are passionate about what we do.